released in 1995

Maroque are a true living legend. They´re on the road now for about 11 years and still haven´t released anything... but they still exist. And rehearse every single week and play shows...
So the other band of Nizzo and Guy gotta bring anything out pretty soon. This here is a live-recording with an unbelievable artwork done by the great Eric Neubert.

Live-Recording from May, 21st 1995 im Aspert (wherever that is...)


Side A:
01 Far Away
02 Jazz
03 Rockin´ the free world
04 Ballade
05 Eeeeeh

Side B:
06 Innocence
07 Father to Son
08 Impro 1
09 Ritardando

Surf to the page of Maroque and get more info, download sum of their great songs and whatever else you wanna do. Maroque´s definitely your thing!