C-90 Tape
(Katze Platten)
released in 2005

Split-tape together with The Pharao´s, The Floozies, Hellpetrol and The Dirtshakes.
Hellmood put the tape together, Hans Peter brought it out on Katze Platten. So this is almost pure Elbows-action. It features 19 songs of the Bionic Elbows themselves and bands that are just the Elbow´s best mates.


01.The Bionic Elbows - Your style of sayin´ goodbye
02.Hellpetrol - Loosing
03.The Dirtshakes - Top of the Pops
04.The Floozies - 495
05.The Pharao´s - Elvis Presley
06.The Bionic Elbows - Playin´ games
07.Hellpetrol - My Golf Diesel fucked me up
08.The Dirtshakes - The drummer is always a drama
09.The Floozies - 7 minutes
10.The Bionic Elbows - Sorry
11.Hellpetrol - Saturday Night I lost three teeth
12.The Pharao´s - My price
13.The Dirtshakes - What´s the time
14.The Floozies - Tee Tee Bee Gee
15.The Bionic Elbows - Friendly Fire
16.Hellpetrol - Girl
17.The Pharao´s - Tell me ´bout Rock
18.The Dirtshakes - Leave me alone
19.The Floozies - Post Partout

5 bands for less money. Only at Katze Platten.