8 track CD-R demo
released in summer 2004

This is the thing that made it all possible.
Our demo we sent around to a bunch of record labels to bring out our first official album. Fanboy got caught on the hook after a while and the rest is history. You can´t buy this just wouldn´t make sense to sell the same songs on a CD-R that are out now on beautiful vinyl!

recorded and mixed during February and April 2004 at Rausch Raum, Cologne by Christoph Rath and The Bionic Elbows


01 Playin´Games
02 Friendly Fire
03 She loves the minutes I´m clean
04 Bionic
05 My car is bigger than your car
06 Your style of sayin´ goodbye
07 Me & the moon (performing hits together)
08 Romeo Agent