12" Vinyl LP
(Fanboy Records)
released in November 2005

Let´s just say it with the words of Fanboy Records:
"Yep, it's the mighty debut of THE BIONIC ELBOWS! This is Garage Rock Supreme! Under the influence and with a little help from Christoph Rath (Cellophane Suckers) who has recorded this little delinquent, THE BIONIC ELBOWS: Stanley (vox), Hareström and Paradise (both guitars), Ponderosa (bass), Aerobic (drums) and Besskar (grinding organ) produced and reduced a faster bastard somewhere between ZEN GUERRILLA and WATTS. Or put it that way: These tight bros. from way back then sound as if the Youngs had never left their shack in Down Under. And of course never met their new singer! Rock'n'Roll guitars galore, a steamin' rhythm section, one of the best organ sounds you've heard since the days the birdman flew and a voice that sometimes reminds of Mark Arm's best days with the MONKEY WRENCH. All in all you'll get 12 juvenile, raw tracks pressed on 140 gr. heavy weight virgin vinyl!"

recorded and mixed during February and April 2004 at Rausch Raum, Cologne by Christoph Rath and The Bionic Elbows
(except "Outta Space Experience" recorded, mixed and mastered in February 2003 at Hulio´s livingroom by the Bionic Elbows)


Side A:
01 Friendly Fire
02 Playin´ Games
03 Romeo Agent
04 Bionic
05 My car is bigger than your car
06 Me & the moon (performing hits together)

Side B:
07 Your style of sayin´ goodbye MP3
08 White Rose Reunion
09 We are bionic
10 She loves the minutes I´m clean MP3
11 Vaseline / Gasoline
12 Outta Space Experience

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