WeŽre still alive!
We had a great last year and took a lilŽ time off to concentrate more on our other bands Maroque and Se Sichelzecken. But still the Elbows are working on new material to give you some more live shows this year and to do a new album. Yes, you heard right. We have so many songs together that we can and will fill our second one with. Around the summertime weŽre gonna enter the studios with our good olŽ friend Fire J. Fox to get that thang done.
The Ox Fanzine reported on our tour in form of a tour diary which you can read right here! It was written by Lars of Die Rote Suzuki.
WeŽre also gonna play a show in Cologne this May together with Bambix and our good fellas of the Rotten Apples. Yeeha. This is surely gonna be a blast, so you better make sure to check that out as well. More info Žbout that right here.
More coming soon!