What a blast!
Our little tour surely was a very special thing. Thanx to all the great people that came to see the shows and thanx even more to all those who hosted us and gave us a wonderful time letting us stay at their places. The biggest Thank You surely goes out to Die Rote Suzuki. We had so much fun with those guys. Y´all make sure to check that band out right here! During the next days we´ll put all our pics from 2005/2006 on this page including lots of shots from the tour as well.
We also wrote down some stuff for a tour-diary which will be on this page soon. Another thing is that you can buy our new shirts and girlies online from now on. Stay tuned for more!

Hey fellas.
The show tonite starts a little earlier. Make sure to be at the Stereo Wonderland around 8.00h! Also make sure to bring sum of yer pocket-money, because the Elbows got fantastic new shirts and girlies and Katze Platten are gonna be there with neat records and tapes.

Bad news...
Goddamn it! We had to cancel our show tonite in Saarbrücken, because Hans thought it would be a great idea to do the first three shows of the tour with a fuckin´ cold. Now he´s outta voice and we hope the show tomorrow in Cologne will be way better. We feel extremely sorry for that and will try hard to play another gig at Karate Klub Meier very soon. Please go there anyway to see Die Rote Suzuki rock their balls off. Those guys are the law...you better check ´em out.

More news...

Way better, huh?! I do think so... just look around and have fun. Not much has happened. We apologize for not updating this thing quicker and also for not playing Poland. We couldn´t do it due to unforeseen circumstances and so Se Sichelzecken hopped in and played the whole tour. BUT... we´re happy to announce the first dates of our tour in October together with Die Rote Suzuki. This surely is gonna be a blast and we hope you all come to see that fantastic line-up and sweat with us. All for now...later!

The show this saturday is for free! Eintritt frei! You don´t have to pay a single cent to see the 3 bands play!

Time for a bigger update!
Lotta stuff has happened, so here we go to bring it all to you. Everything on this page got updated. Except new pics and new flyer, but this really is a pain in the ass, so I´ll do it next time.
First of all we got sum new shows to announce. Check our gigs-section to get more info ´bout that. New dates are gonna be online soon, we plan sum in June, sum more in August and even lots more in October when we tour with our buddies from Die Rote Suzuki.
Other new crap on here is an updated presskit, new reviews about our debut-LP "The Bionic Elbows", a new contact address (which seems very important) and two new links. We even put two songs on new killer-compilations. More info about this right here.
More next time. See ya then.

So what´s been up?
We enjoyed our holiday and were supercreative. Hellmood made up one of those important MySpace accounts that everybody must have to become well-known and cool. You can watch that right here.
Then we focused an eye on Se Sichelzecken, which played a sold-out show at the Sonic Ballroom together with Casanovas Schwule Seite and recorded their new album. So we´ve been pretty busy with that.
But we´re back in biz now and off to play shows and promote our album now all around the globe. We´re trying to get shows together now for the first part of 2006 and we´ll play Münster and the Saarland in April. We hope to have more in a few days. Then in October we´ll kick off touring with Die Rote Suzuki.
More to come later. Good to be back.

Eh you creeps...
What a successful year for the Elbows. A record, a shitload of great shows with great people in the audience, lots of grande contacts and booze. 2005 was like 3 blowjobs in a row. For all of us. We wanna thank y´all deep from our hearts and wanna wish you great christmas and a happy new year as well. Enjoy your vacation, we´ll enjoy ours.
In 2006 we´ll be back with more records, a whole tour and lots of other gimmicks. Until then, take care and have a great rest of 2005.

And we thought year is over...
But other people don´t want us to. The guys from Bitzcore & Boozed called us up yesterday and asked if we could play as support this Saturday in Osnabrück at the Tight Pants Release Party. Well, we can. Just Nizzolej won´t be there because he became a daddy two days ago. So he´s got better things to do. Congratulations, man. We´re so happy for you and your woman. So, see ya tonite at the Ballroom and maybe Saturday at the Bastard Club, Osnabrück, where 5 Bionic Elbows are gonna rock the nite away with the Diamond Dogs (again), Boozed and Daytona.

Oh my goodness!
That was what the Elbows call "a weekend". I´m still suffering. Thanks to those many many people who came to watch our both shows. It surely was a blast for us. The next show is gonna be December, 9th together with the great Floozies, the awesome Phonotones and the Creepy 7. It´s gonna take place at the Cobra in Solingen. And bring your money, kids...we´ll bring along our brandnew Vinyl. Katze Platten are also gonna be there with a stand. So you better bring even more money. We´re looking forward to that event pretty much.
If you wanna watch sum pictures of last friday, feel free to do that right at United-Fanzine.

A whole lotta work...
But finally we got astonishing news for y´all.
First of all...tadaaaaa...the record´s finally out. And when I say "out" I mean "out NOW"! 12 killer-tracks on 140gr. black vinyl. Sounds awesome, looks unreal. Thanks to the guys of Fanboy who made this all possible. You guys did the best work we could have imagined. First possibility to get your hands on the record will be next friday when we kick out the jams at the Underground, Cologne. Our stagetime is 20:20h. Dunno why this awkward time, but...come there and have a good time with us and the guys from Sweden.
If (in your opinion) you´ve waited too long now for the album...just write a mail and order it right here. More infos about that in the "Buy our stuff" section.
What else? Sedate Booking dropped us. That´s dumb, but whatever. We need a new booker now. So if anyone out there is interested in putting up shows for us, just write a mail. We´re gonna do gigs now on our own again, ´til we got a new booker.
The whole disco-section got updated as well and it looks way better now. So feel free to take a look at that. Alright. So far, so good. More news when there´s more news.

We got a new awesome gig and are gonna support The Bones from Sweden at the Underground, Cologne November, 25th. Oh my. This is gonna be fun.

Short news!
Hellmood took some awesome pictures for the cover of our Split 12" with Hellpetrol last weekend. Great work, man!
Plus: We´re gonna support the living legends of the Diamond Dogs from Sweden December, 15th at the Sonic Ballroom here in Cologne. Make sure to get yer ticket soon, ´cuz the Ballroom´s sold out now every once in a while.

Back from Nashville!
That was a damn blast! Lauenau rocks the professional way. Even though only about 30 people watched our gig on saturday. We played last and most of the 200 underaged visitors got picked up by their parents right before our show. But what a gig... those 30 watchers really danced their asses off and had a big ball. Yeah!
I got quite sum´ news for y´all. Our forthcoming record on Fanboy Records is now being pressed and here you go with a first peek of the cover artwork made by Jan TM Hormanns. Excellent work, man.

We´ll keep you informed about when this masterpiece is on sale.
This sunday we´ll shoot the photos for the Split-LP with Hellpetrol, which is gonna come out by the end of this year. Yesterday we got into the Burning Ear Studios and got our songs mixed down by Paul Smith. Now it´s off to mastering.
Plus: Buttons are available again. So wait no longer and get ´em in the "Buy our stuff" section. And the guys from Punkrock Bergisch Land put some pics from our show with King Khan online. You can watch those right here!
For the pictures of our gig at the Abrockzentrale Wipperfürth simply follow this link. And then I finally added some new pics of this year in our pictures area. That´s all for now. Talk to you soon.

Here we go with another gig. The Independent Ska Punks Choke from Haste invited us to play on their CD Release Party Oct., 1st. Thanks, dudes! It´s gonna take place at the Country Club Nashville, Lauenau (which is pretty close to Bückeburg where we had to cancel our show some month ago).

Pure Rock´n´Roll Action!
What a fabulous weekend. Feelin´ pretty done and exhausted, but that was fun at highest level. First we rocked good ol´ Wipptown and yesterday our very good friend Iggy had a party goin´ on (including a show of the mighty Se Sichelzecken) that the world hasn´t seen in years. Too bad he´s gonna leave us to move to the East of Germany. We´ll all miss him like hell and only wish him the best...and we´re all sure he´s gonna be back soon, ´cuz he´s gonna miss us way too much. The whole weekend even got higher quality because of our great buddies of Hellpetrol. Damn, that was a blast!
So what´s new with the Elbows? Finally the cover of our forthcoming LP "The Bionic Elbows" is done (what a masterpiece - Jan of Fanboy Records did unbelievable good work!) and the record is gonna be finished during the next two weeks. When we know more about a release date or so, you´ll get the freshest news right here. A new gig also got added and there´s more to follow. So I might catch y´all later in a couple of days to tell ya more.

Hail Solingen!
Great show with King Khan last weekend. What a bunch of freaks, but great fellas. And great band as well. Make sure to get all of their stuff. And The Floozies asked us again to play a show at the Cobra. So we´re gonna hit the stage December, 9th together with them, The Phonotones and Creepy 7. We promise to rock ya hard again and also not to come to Solingen 5 times next year. But only if the New Bomb Turks won´t need a support there. But I´m pretty sure, the Dirtshakes would claim this show for themselves anyway. So check our gigs section and have a good time. ´Til next time!

To all the people that were sad, because we had to cancel our last gig in Solingen on the Jugendkulturfestival...time has come to make this a forgotten thing! On September, 2nd (in about 11 days) we´re gonna enter the stage of the Cobra in Solingen to support King Khan and his ultramegasensational Shrines. We´re very happy with that, even though Joe can´t be with us, ´cuz he´s in the fuckin´ States. Guy is gonna play the bass on that day, so we´re just gonna play with one guitar, but still we´re gonna rock the Cobra to pieces again. The work on our long awaited LP is almost done and we hope it´ll be there in the next two months. That´s it for now, folks. Hope to see y´all at the Cobra then.

What a weekend in Haaren/Verlautenheide. Maaaan, those people in and around Aachen and especially the fellas involved with Rockstar Records... We had a hell of a great time at the Mühlen Madness. Thanks to all of the people that have been there, gave us enough to eat, enough to laugh about, way too much alcohol, an awesome location to play at and even a place to sleep.
So here´s another update... the gig at our rehearsal room in september had to be canceled, we´re gonna get a new one very soon though. There´s also a new show announced, so check our gigs section. The "Romeo Agents" demo is sold out now. You might be able to get your hands on one of the last three copies at Empty Head Records. Try your luck! Til next time...

Damn right!
New homepage, kids! Just look around...there´s a shitload of new stuff on here. New features are a little mailorder section (more under media) and a flyer-section as well. And another special: Download our whole first demo "Romeo Agents" in the discography area. If you wanna hold a copy in yer hands with colored cover´n´stuff you better hurry, ´cuz there´s only a very few left. We´re not gonna go on selling this anymore if it´s sold out. Low price as well.
And we finally got stuff to wear for you. Order a shirt and a button right now. Look it up in our mailorder. So long, that´s all folks. For now...

Shit happened again!
Hans Peter still sick. Gig canceled again. The Bionic Elbows feel like shit again. What can we do? Nuthin... except to wait for better times. Sorry, fellas. We will play for sure in Bückeburg later this year.

Shit always happens and we are very very sorry to do this, but we gotta cancel the gig tomorrow. Hans Peter got a pretty bad cold and he would not be able to sing a note. This really is a pain in the ass, because we love Solingen and we would have died to play there...it will not happen though. Damn it! We promise to do better next time and wish you a blast with the other bands like the Lo-Fi Killers, Twanger, The Concordes, Karamelo Santo and and and. You are gonna do good i bet.

More news. We will have some more gigs this year, so check the gigs-section and the next days this whole thing is gonna be updated. We are kind of tired of the design of this page, because we got it now for about 3 years. Maybe the new page will not be as professional, but we will put a lot more stuff on it. I hope we can present the new homepage end of the coming week.

Fanboy records from Hamburg will do an LP with us. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! It will be out later this year. And the end of July we get together with the great Paul Smith who is gonna record some new stuff of the Elbows. Those recordings will come out on Hans Peters own d.i.y. label Katze Platten and some more (mostly) d.i.y. labels as a split-LP together with our wives Hellpetrol. We hope the release is around this fall.

OK, that was it for now. And you are always welcome to post crap in our guestbook, because this is what it is there for.

There you go, world!
What you all have been waiting for has become reality over nite! There you all go with some new update of our page. There is still sum stuff to change and there are no new pics available yet...but let be this your smallest problem, fellas. First of all lemme explain what is hot now: We changed the whole stuff section. There are interviews online now (I gotta work on this scrolling shit still, better open the interviews up in a new window), we got a few new reviews (also to our new demo, which you cannot buy yet, because it is gonna be out pretty soon as a release) and the contact adress has changed as well. We also put some new stuff on the music-page, so get yer arses there to check, pee your pants and buy! And the coolest thing: We made the whole link-section new. Sum had to go, new came to stay. Plus - new gigs confirmed and announced in the gigs-section.Thanx to the guys of Sedate Bookings so far for helping us with big parts of this tour.

Here another one: Christmas is over - tonite we will be back with sweatening action at the Floozies Record Release at the Cobra Solingen (also playing The Floozies, Dirtshakes, Battledykes, Squirting Cucumber)...be sure not to miss that!

Standing ovations, please!
Tomorrow nite (20/11/04) Se Sichelzecken play at the AJZ Bahndamm Wermelskirchen supporting the Burning Heads from France. Do not miss!
The Bionic Elbows prove again they are Kings of Cancelling! We had to cancel our gig on November, 26th with Pornoheft and Frau Aal...Fuck that! Hulio has to work, so blame his fuckin boss!
But the next gig is waiting. On January, 14th 2005 we are gonna support the awesome Floozies at their Record Release Party at the Cobra in Solingen. Check our dates-section for more info!
Here comes more good news: Gijs and Jair from Sedate-Bookings are booking shows for us in Holland and the Benelux now. Next April/May weŽre gonna tour the Netherlands for some days. More about this soon.
As soon as possible we are gonna update this whole damn site!

Your favorite rock and roll band is back from summer break! You have to cry no tears any longer. Get yer asses up and celebrate with us. Next weekend is gonna be your personal killer rock and roll happening this year! This Friday on October, 8th the Bionic Elbows are gonna enter the stage of RockaRolla #4, which is gonna take place at Kunstwerk Köln. And the best thing is: it is for FREE! Better be there at 21h, because we are gonna be the first band. Only one day later, on October, 9th (Saturday) we are gonna play at the Abrocknacht in Wipperfürth. This show is gonna take place at the Aula of the Konrad-Adenauer-Hauptschule (Mühlenberg 1) in Wipperfürth. It starts at 19h and it will cost you 4 Euro.

The mighty Flo of Empty Head Records put out a tape-sampler called "Menschenverachtende Untergrundsmusik" featuring The Bionic Elbows as well as all their buddies like Hot jr., Se Sichelzecken, Hellpetrol, Pornoheft and a whole lotta more damn great bands (21 bands with 30 songs!). Get yer copy for 2,50 Euro only at the Empty Head Shop!

What else? More to come: Right, we have just been into the studio this April and we are sending this stuff to labels at the moment to get a deal somewhere. But as Hellmood writes one great song after the other we are gonna enter Hulios livingroom again to record our newest material. Now here is the real surprise. The Three-Chord-Monsters of Hellpetrol are gonna join us and record their latest songs as well. This piece is gonna be a bastard of raw punkrock and rock and roll action and if you are lucky you are gonna be able to hold it in your hands by January 2005 as an astonishing split-EP.

Fuck that!
The fartheads of the Wohnwelt Wunstorf cancelled the K.N.U.T. Festival on September, 9th because they thought that the name of our good friends "Pornoheft" was too offensive... Well then, how about that you stupid bitches? Screw you! The Festival is gonna take place anyway later this year...not in Wunstorf, but in Bückeburg. We will keep ya up to date! And by the way...weŽre having a short summer-break, but are gonna be back soon to keep your lives be worth living, fellas!

Due to unforeseen circumstances the gig on July, 16th at the Ficker Festival had to be cancelled. Instead of the Bionic Elbows there will be playing Colognes Punkrock Sluts #1 Hot jr. Although those fellas hardly ever update their homepage the gig is confirmed!

To all the idiots who have missed to see a show of our Plastic Bomb Tour...you can go kill yourself now! You´ve missed maybe one of the hottest Line-ups ever. We had a great time in all 4 cities and wanna say thank you to the great people that came to the shows in Wermelskirchen, Remscheid, Cologne and Diez. You really rocked and we´ll come back for sure. Also we wanna thank the awesome bands that toured with us: Hellpetrol, The Pharaos and N.C.A.? You dudes did play sum astonishing shows! During the next few days we will put new pics and the tour-diary online. For the moment we will leave you with some pics that some fella of trashflash.de.tt took of our show at the Kalkwerk in Diez. Visit their page for more.

There is also a new gig confirmed. On September, 3rd we are gonna appear at the K.N.U.T. Festival in Wunstorf near Hannover. Check the gigs-section for more info.

We did it! We finally got our asses tight and fixed sum of that homepage crap. There you go on with some new old pics and sum new reviews. Also look under stuff/music to find some more releases of your favourite rock and roll band! During the next weeks there might be more of this added...
plus some new hot links!!!

Hail the Elbows!
We are gonna kick off for touring..excactly...your dreams have come true...tomorrow! First we are going to destroy the AJZ Bahndamm in Wermelskirchen this Friday all nite long. Be there around 20.30h to get the full rock and roll package!Click here to see how to get yer asses there. Only one day later, on Saturday, we are going to burn down the Kraftstation in Remscheid. We will start getting drunk with you around 20.00h! Click on THIS! for the route! This is gonna be an awesome weekend and we are going to do our best to blast ya away, fellas! Oh yeah! And bring money!!!

In August we might play another Festival. The whole thing is supposed to take place at Wohnwelt in Wunstorf near Hannover. We will keep ya up to date!

As you heard in the news in Köln-Mülheim there was a bomb explosion yesterday! We really feel sorry for the injured people and hope that our stupid police is gonna be clever one time to find and smash down the people that commited this shit!

Great show yesterday nite. Thank you all for comin and havin a good time and drinkin up all the beer & voka with the Bionic Elbows and the Dirtshakes. May is over now and in about 2 weeks we are gonna be back with more nasty rock and roll live action when we kick off for the Plastic Bomb Tour with the grande Pharaos, Hellpetrol and N.C.A.?. Check our gigs-section to be up to date!
Björn of Waste of mind wrote a review about our demo Romeo Agents. Check our media-section to read what he thinks!

This weekend (saturday, 29/05/04 - 19h)the Bionic Elbows are gonna kick sum´ sweaty rock´n´roll action together with the unbelievable Dirtshakes from Solingen. The whole thing is gonna take place at our rehearsal-room in Köln-Mülheim (Mainaustr. 27/on the corner to Danzierstrasse). Here´s how ya get there: Take sum´ train to the Wiener Platz in Köln-Mülheim, get out and follow the Bergische Ring in the direction to Deutz. Soon you will see the Danzierstr. on the right side. In there. Follow until you get to the Mainaustr. on the right. Look for No. 27, that´s where you look up the doorbell of our rehearsal room and from then on your fun is up to us. We won´t disappoint you, that´s for sure. We start playing live music at 20h, so be there early. At 22h all the live-shit has to be over, but we will flip over sum´ records for you after that. We´ll kick out the jams for 3 Euro only!!! And a bottle of Kölsch will only cost you astonishing 1 Euro!!! So better be there.

And some more news for you... Flo of Empty Head Records is selling our demo Romeo Agents now in his shop for 2,50 Euros only! So get yr. copy right now under Empty Head Records.

Alright pussies!
One of the most important days in your lifes has been arrived...today. Tonite at 19h you gotta turn the speakers of your radios up to maximum shit, ´cuz the mighty Bionic Elbows are gonna be heard on Radio Berg´s Binäre 7. Here´s more info ´bout this mega-event: 96,9 + 105,2 + 105,7 + 99,7 ... this is how you can recieve the show. It´s gonna be one hour of pure rock´n´roll action and you will be lucky to listen to a pretty new song off our new record which we just finished in the studio two days ago.

Brothers and Sisters!
Finally there´s a new update for you:
Our buddies from the radio show BINÄRE 7 have interviewed us a few days ago and the whole thing is gonna be on air on May, 18th 2004 from 19-20h on RADIO BERG (105,2 / 99,7 / 96,9 / 105,7). So turn your radio up to maximum volume, ´cuz you´re gonna hear 3 songs of ours (including one very new one that we just recorded in the studio and with which we wanna give you a first impression of our next album).

Another interview we gave at the beginning of april to the Berlin Fanzine WAHRSCHAUER. The mag comes with a cd on which we´re gonna be featured as well with Playin´ games and there are gonna be 11.000 copies printed. If you´re lucky you can even get the mag at sum supermarkets, kiosks or record stores around your area.

The fellas from Newcomer TV had sum´ trouble goin´ on with their cameras during our show at the Battle of the Bands IV in March. But don´t worry, we´re gonna get to play on one of their Newcomer Nights this fall. Parts of that show are gonna appear on tv later this year. We´ll keep ya up to date.

I´m holdin´ it in my hands right now - the BANZAI-Fanzine #12. There´s a short bandstory of us in it and our song Romeo Agent is on the included cd as well. So get yer edition right here: www.kamikazerecords.de

The plans for the tour this june presented by the Plastic Bomb Fanzine with THE PHARAO´S, HELLPETROL and NCA? have come to an end now and you can see the dates (and even more) in our gigs-section. Maybe we even come to destroy your town.
New Pics added.

Top of the Pops!
On March, 5th 2004 we´re gonna enter the stage of Schlachthof Wiesbaden to rock the BATTLE OF THE BANDS IV. It would be awesome to see some of your pretty faces there. The Hessische Rundfunk (hr) will film through the nite and the whole thing can be seen on some monday after Late Lounge.

In April and May this year we´re gonna get into the Rausch-Raum studios in cologne with Christoph Rath who´s gonna record our next record. WE DON´T HAVE A RECORD LABEL YET, SO LABELS THAT MIGHT BE INTERESTED - PLEASE WRITE A MAIL! We surely wanna put out some stuff on vinyl. We´ll see what happens.