This is all the stuff we recorded in the meantime. You can download our complete first demo "Romeo Agents", listen to 2 Songs off our newest LP and stuff. Further down you´ll find some crazy (mostly) tape-compilations we´re on, so get in touch with the labels and order your copy today. More in our "buy our stuff"-section. Those guys support the underground, so it´s important to support them as well.


new record out NOWlast demo - not availablevery first demo - sold out!split with se sichelzecken - get it at aldi punk

The Bionic Elbows appeared on those compilations so far...

free downloadable compilation of the Bullshit Boomerang Fanzinetapecompilation of 9 different labelstapesampler on empty head recordsbenefit cd-r on katze plattentape compilation on katze plattensplittape with 4 other bands on katze plattensoli cd-r compilation on empty headtapesampler on kampfgarten tapestapesampler on empty head recordsthe elbows on the wahrschauer cdthe elbows on the plastic bomb compilationthe elbows on the banzai compilation

Here you go with other releases of Bionic Elbows members. Just in case, you´re a die-hard fan of us and gotta have it all:

hans peters solo cd-r on empty head recordscd-r of the Elbows deutschpunk-project Se Sichelzeckenfirst release of joes and hellmoods other band Killer Racoon Fishvery first release of Guys and Nizzos other band Maroquenewest release of Hans Peters other band Hot jr.album of Hans Peters old band The Johnas

If you´re interested now, feel free to order some (or best...ALL) of our stuff. You can do this in our little mailorder section which you enter by clicking the button below.